DETALIZE is delivering comprehensive design and implementation of engineering and management digital solutions for several sectors, including industry, science, retail, logistics, architecture, urban space, mobility, energy, infrastructure, and others.

The non-exhaustive list of technologies and applications we supply and integrate:

  • Industry 4.0 solutions
  • IoT soulutions
  • Digital Twins
  • AI and machine learning based solutions
  • Immersive VR/AR solutions
  • Future Factories
  • Specialized and humanoid robots
  • Smart Retail
  • Badgeless access face control systems for mass and sport events ticketing and attendee blacklist management
  • Specialized and humanoid robots
  • Fully automated industrial and service equipment
  • Blockchain based applied solutions (cryptocurrencies are not belong to our scope)
  • Energy storage, smart grid and ZE energy solutions
  • Sustainable transport, sharing economy and smart infrastructure
  • BMS and active houses
  • Environmental control
  • Microclimate and indoor air quality control
  • IoT connected temperature control for storage and manufacturing needs
  • Safety, functional design and ergonomics
  • Digital planning and control of natural ecosystems
  • Indoor air quality control and correction
  • AI solutions for legal analytics, journalism and content management
  • Applied data science
  • and other

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